A Word From the Founder

My résumé

Dear Prospective Client,

As the founder of Mohan Embar, Inc., I am always on the lookout for new opportunities. As you can see from my résumé, I have both solid development experience as well as strong communications and mentoring skills. I've been fortunate to have been on a variety of projects. Some have involved extensive user interaction, heavy modeling and little coding. Others have involved guerilla prototyping and implementation. In every case, I have been able to adapt to the needs of the situation and ensure to the best of my ability that the project is delivered on time and with little scope creep.

I have found that many experienced developers come in two breeds. First, there are those who are good with people, but are not hardcore programmers. Then you have the hardcore developers who want to introduce their pet technologies at any cost, regardless of whether they are the most appropriate for the problem at hand or if their other teammates are experienced enough to "follow along". While I am a hardcore developer at heart, successful and on-time delivery of projects is my number one priority. This means that:

  • Excellent communications skills are more important than excellent technical skills. All development efforts are for naught if there has been miscommunication with users and/or managers.
  • Technical "coolness" must take a back seat to a solution in which all of a team's developers can understand, follow along, and be productive.
  • A good mentor must be willing to sacrifice his or her own ego and technical gratification if the other developers can't benefit from the experience and carry the project forward after the consultant is gone.
  • Getting along well ("bonding") with the users and the development team is of utmost importance.

I have approached all of my consulting projects with this philosophy and as a result, my work has been greatly appreciated.

Although I can adapt to any situation, you will derive the most benefit from me in projects where:

  • either excellent communications and mentoring skills are necessary and the developers are less experienced technically, or
  • communications skills are less important and I am part of a small group of experienced developers in an intensive, technically-challenging development effort

I am looking for short- and long-term contracts where outstanding technical and mentoring skills are needed. As you can see from my résumé, I have Windows, OS X and Unix experience. I am very selective about my contracts so, unfortunately, I can't guarantee availability. However, if I commit to something, I will follow through on it.

If you are interested in what you've read contact me and we'll talk more!

Mohan Embar